Carbon Accounting & Green Clean Technology Solutions

Why Energy Efficient Technologies

There are many current drivers and potential benefits for your organisation in implementing a carbon neutral management program, including:

  • Cost savings: Because reducing greenhouse gas emissions usually goes hand-in-hand with reducing energy consumption, businesses can often realize substantial cost savings through greenhouse gas reduction programs. Some examples include heating and lighting upgrades that result in lower utility bills, switching to more efficient fuel sources, and staff awareness programs that lower consumption of electricity and other resources, like paper.
  • Competitive advantage: Businesses can differentiate their products or services in a crowded marketplace, increase market share and attract investors. Consumers and investors are increasingly seeking out businesses and products with environmentally friendly attributes. As well, larger businesses are moving to ‘green’ their supply chains, and suppliers to these businesses that can offer products and services with reduced greenhouse gas emissions can profit.
  • Operational efficiency: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can also lead to improved operational efficiency. For example, better fleet management saves greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel expenses, but can also cut down on the number of kilometers driven and improve delivery times.
  • Gaining practical experience with greenhouse gas management: Businesses that get started now will be better prepared for a future, carbon-constrained economy, and will have the time to develop both the skills necessary for greenhouse gas management and a cost-effective strategy that suits their business, instead of simply reacting to future constraints.
  • Reduced exposure to market and regulatory change: Businesses that work to manage their greenhouse gas emissions now will face reduced risk of being adversely affected by market and regulatory changes as a result of climate change. While corporations with large emissions are likely to face regulations at both the provincial and federal levels, smaller businesses will also be affected, indirectly, by the rising costs of inputs like electricity and fuel, and costs related to transportation.
  • Increased employee retention rates and productivity: A business that shows leadership in an important area like fighting global warming can be a powerful motivator for employees, increasing their productivity, building loyalty and inspiring them to assist in innovating and adapting. The cooperation involved in managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions can also increase teamwork across business units within an organization.

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Solutions In Green Clean Technology and Carbon Accounting

Microsharp partners with Green Clean Renewable Technology to provide, consultant, plan, design, install and set up with turn-key full implemetation including:

  • Green Clean Renewable Tracker: Secured Online tracking and reporting energy usage with costs measured in multiple rates for different tariffs for each circuit board and highlights energy waste and leaks and identify opportunities to save energy costs.
  • Green Clean Renewable Compliancer: Secured Online carbon footprint with email alerts. Profiling and measuring emissions specified by the Australian Greenhouse Office for electricity, gas, water and fleet emission. NGERs compliant reporting to meet mandatory reporting standards.


  • The net result is a business that’s getting maximum benefit from a well thought-through and implemented business management system – and a clear view of the critical processes that drive its success.

    Audrey Kapalas, GM - Wholesaler
  • Microsharp has been a great partner throughout the implementation process and provided highly capable consultants with a depth of experience and knowledge that was invaluable

    Mark Spiros, GM - Auto Parts
  • The system is designed specifically for growing enterprises needing better control over their customer information and inventory, at an affordable cost

    Sydney Morning Herald
  • They look after us straight away, without any fuss ...and never show any sign of impatience. Our people are less stressed they’re much happier as a result – and that makes a difference to our entire operation.

    Ronda Smart, Finance Manager
  • Fully featured.... Provides more value.... Comprehensive and easy to use business solution that puts management at your fingertips.

    Ernst and Young (Australia)
  • During the entire implementation Microsharp demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding, both of the product and our industry.

    Brad Sovio, MD - Manufacturing
  • Microsharp support service is far superior to any support we have received in the past for our Accounting system. Very professional, very responsive and thorough.

    Tim Gartner, CFO - Retails
  • They’re always prompt and helpful. Whenever there's a problem, we only have to put in a call to Microsharp and they are normally able to fix things over the phone – or remotely.

    Julia Devlin, Accountant - IT
  • With hundreds of transactions a week across four branches our Premier’s data file was expanding out of control. That's when we knew we needed an enterprise level ERP system.

    Nicole Wallace, GM - Steel Mgf.
  • Microsharp did an outstanding job, they were highly committed and put in some amazing hours of work, as did the entire business, to ensure that the implementation process was on track.

    Jason Farrow, GM - Importer

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