Jiwa ERP For Consumer Goods Distribution Industry


Distribution of Consumer Goods

Efficiency and speed are all critical attributes of a Consumer Goods distributor. Other times it's the Compliance factor such as in the Food and Beverage distribution industry. It's an intensely competitive market dominated by high customer expectations and low margins.

To succeed distributors must be able to act swiftly as soon as an order is taken. The right goods have to be identified then shipped quickly, exactly according to each customer's particular requirements. They must reach their destination in pristine condition, ready to be sold or served to the end customer.

For close to two decades JIWA has been helping distributors to meet the unique challenges of this market.

JIWA is an integrated distribution software solution that includes specific tailoring for Consumer Goods distributors. It supports companies in their compliance efforts, helps to minimise spoilage and manage waste, streamlines processes to provide faster service and deliver tangible cost benefits.

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How Jiwa Can Benefit Your Business

  • automate functions for enhanced business process efficiency
  • speed up customer service and improve customer satisfaction
  • improve order and shipping accuracy
  • automatically track-and-trace goods from the supplier to the retailer
  • analyse departmental, warehouse and company-wide performance against key indicators
  • identify and understand market trends
  • identify and understand customer trends
  • improve purchasing and inventory practices
  • harness the power of multiple channels including the web, phone, fax and email for more efficient customer ordering and service
  • improve decision making by providing accurate, real-time information and analysis about your company's activities now and in the past.

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  • JIWA Financials is a real break-through. It is a great example of how Australian software houses can produce world class software based on leading edge technology.

    Microsoft (Australia)
  • JIWA has given us the flexibility and functionality to carry out all of our assembly and warehousing needs. The product’s strengths in reporting and inventory management have made JIWA a valuable tool in the day-to-day running of our business

    Stuart Barnes, MD - Pharmaceutical
  • Fully featured.... Provides more value.... Comprehensive and easy to use business solution that puts management at your fingertips.

    Ernst and Young (Australia)
  • ...superior inventory functionality, serial number/lot tracking, and especially bill of materials for our manufacturing and sales order processing...

    Dawn Young, Space Industries Ltd
  • During the entire implementation Microsharp demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding, both of the product and our industry.

    Brad Sovio, MD - Manufacturing
  • ...large numbers of stock items and track them all the way through...allowed us to do any type of development we liked and develop a web presence because of its open database...

    Paul Rugari, MD - Distribution
  • ...We have a huge number of inventory items and the JIWA Financials speed is not affected at all. The system is fast and powerful at all times...

    Victoria Brennan, MD - Auto Part
  • Designed specifically for growing enterprises needing better control over their customer information and inventory, at an affordable cost

    Sydney Morning Herald
  • They’re always prompt and helpful. Whenever there's a problem, we only have to put in a call to Microsharp and they are normally able to fix things over the phone – or remotely.

    Julia Devlin, Accountant - IT

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